JUN-SEP 2017

LEAD courses
& Life Skills Seminars (LSS)

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** Highly Recommended  
 Life Skills Seminars (LSS)
Course TitleDate(s)TimeVenue
Mentoring to Motivate Growth Feb 11Sun, 2.30pm-5.30pmTrinity@Paya Lebar

 LEAD Courses (Main)
 LEAD Courses (Mandarin)
区长训练课程1 (Section Leaders' Training 1) 1月6

星期六, 上午9 - 下午12,
下午1 - 4
星期日, 下午2.30 - 5.30
星期六, 下午1 - 4
一楼 课室H3
属灵家长训练 2 **
Spiritual Parenting 2
2月25日, 3月4及25日星期日, 下午2.30 - 5.30三一 • 巴耶利巴
区长训练课程2 (Section Leaders' Training 2) 3月3日和24日星期六, 上午9 -下午12,
下午1 - 4
三一 • 巴耶利巴

 Kurso (Mouse dito para sa Buod ng Kurso)Kodigo ng KursoPetsaOrasLugar
Pagpapakilala sa Pamilya ng Trinity**
(Introduction to the Trinity Family)
TLC01FFeb 4 & 11Sun, 2.30pm-5.30pmTrinity@Paya Lebar

PN20 Before You Say Yes (Coming up next quarter)

✔ This course is a pre-requisite for couples wanting to get married in Trinity Christian Centre.
✔ Couples intending to marry must complete this course at least a year in advance.

Are you ready for the wedding, but unprepared for the marriage – the permanent union of your lives? A wedding lasts a day, but marriage is for life.

Through this course, you will understand God’s divine purpose for marriage. Discover each other’s expectations and understand your respective roles while prayerfully evaluating your relationship in regard to your personalities and family backgrounds. You will be guided on how to manage marital issues, including financial management, your relationship with your in-laws, family planning and much more.

Every participant MUST purchase the course textbook Before You Say I Do – a Marriage Preparation Manual for Couples by Norman Wright from any Christian bookstore. Due to the nature of the course, couples should not share the book.

• If at least one party is a registered member of Trinity: Fees are waived.
• If both are non-registered members as at registration date: $150 (per couple)
• Couples are required to use an assessment tool called PREPARE, which costs $30 per couple.
• More information will be given during the class.

• For non-registered members of Trinity, please register for the course online and make payment at the first lesson
• Registration opens in September 2017
• Registration closes two weeks before the first lesson
• No walk-ins are allowed

Sun, Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 & Nov 5 • 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Trinity@Paya Lebar